5 Reasons to Call Penticton Home

It is no secret that the Okanagan is one of the most spectacular places to visit in British Columbia. The warm climate and almost endless sunshine have made this place a tourism hotbed for years. However, the Okanagan is more than just a place for vacationing, it is also a wonderful place to call home. One Okanagan city is a stand out for a host of reasons.
Here are 5 reasons why Penticton is the place to call home.

A Hot Real Estate Market

The Penticton real estate market continues to set records with ever increasing sales and home values up over 16 % in the past year (Global News). There is still value in the Penticton real estate market, however, especially when it is compared to that of Vancouver. The slower pace of life and less of the hustle and bustle makes Penticton a very appealing place to live for those looking to relocate from either Alberta or the Lower Mainland.

A Welcoming Community

Part of the appeal of Penticton is that welcoming small-town charm. The small city offers all the amenities of a larger centre without the traffic, crime and general busyness. Some of the highlights of Penticton include:

  • 2 high schools, 2 middle schools and 7 elementary schools that offer a wide range of programs.
  • A regional hospital, community centre and library as well as a host of sporting facilities.
  • Many different green space options within city limits for residents to enjoy.
  • Excellent shopping opportunities and an involved and bustling downtown and business sector that is community minded.


When compared to many other parts of the province, Penticton enjoys a semi-arid climate, hot summers and over 1900 hours of sunshine. When many other parts of BC are slowly making that transition from late winter to early spring, Penticton is enjoying warm, sunny days. The city is second in the province for the most number of days in a year above 30 C which is why it is such a draw in the summer.

Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of Penticton and the surrounding area is something that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. The city is blessed to be situated between two lakes – Lake Okanagan and Skaha Lake and is home to some of the best fresh water beaches in the province.
Recreation opportunities abound in Penticton with great mountain biking, hikes, golfing and watersports topping the list. The famed Kettle Valley Railway runs through the area and excellent walking trails line both lakes. The picturesque setting of Penticton really makes it a place to stay forever.

Events and Festivals

The many festivals and events that are featured throughout the year make Penticton a busy and energetic town. Some of the more popular festivals and events in the city include:

  • The Downtown Penticton Community Market.
  • The many winery tours and tastings throughout the region.
  • Penticton Peachfest.
  • Canada Day.

Penticton – Your Okanagan Home

From the great weather, with a spectacular backdrop, to a wide range of services, the welcoming community of Penticton really does have it all. If you would like to see some of the exciting, new real estate options that are available in this wonderful town, please contact me today. I would love to show you why so many people have embraced Penticton as their home.

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