Tips for Buying a Home in the Spring

Typically, the spring season offers buyers a larger choice and selection of homes, so if you have been looking to get into the Penticton real estate market, now is a great time to do so. Here are some tips that will help you find your Penticton dream home.

The right real estate agent

Whenever you are looking for that perfect home, it is so important that you find an agent who has an understanding of the local market, the town and the neighbourhoods of the city. When choosing your real estate agent make sure that they:

  • Specialize and have an understanding of the specific area you are looking to buy in.
  • Are well respected and have a good working relationship with other real estate agents – this will open up a larger number of properties for you to view.
  • Has a strong past sales record and is recommended by past buyers.
  • Is honest, hardworking and professional.

Get pre-approved

Before you begin looking for your perfect home, sit down with your local bank or lender and see for how much you will be pre-approved. Your pre-approved number is so important because it will give you a starting point on what type of home you can and cannot afford.
Regardless of what you are pre-approved for, make sure to find a mortgage number that you can afford and that will not over extend yourself so that you are house poor.
You want to enjoy your new home and not be stressed out each month by trying to make a mortgage payment that you can barely afford.

Be Prepared

Although Penticton’s spring real estate market typically brings a larger choice and selection of homes, it also brings a wider group of potential buyers. This directly translates into a more competitive market. If you find a property that you like, be prepared to put in an offer and pay full market value for your home. Because of the competitiveness of the market, it is important not to get hung up on the asking price, but instead focus on what the home is worth to you.
Here’s the Deal:
When you find your dream house at a price that you can afford it will not matter if you pay a few dollars more or less over the lifetime of your mortgage.

Focus on the Home

When it comes to buying a home, make sure that the emphasis is on the home and not the sale or the owner. It is of little or no importance whether the home is a foreclosure, a short sale or being sold by the original owner. Rather focus on more important details such as the location of the home and how that home will serve you and your family’s needs.

Penticton – A Place to Stay Forever

If you have been thinking about living in Penticton, now is the time to buy. The spring real estate market is sure to bring a large amount of choice and selection, allowing you to find your perfect Penticton dream home. If you would like to see some of the new and exciting real estate options that are available now, please give me a call today.

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