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Monday, December 12, 2022

We have attached a
link to this month's issue of MarketWatch Newsletter to help keep you up to
speed on our local Real Estate market conditions.

The objective of this
monthly report is to give you unbiased and objective information about the
housing market in Penticton and area.

Click Here for Current Local Real Estate Market Statistics

When you review the
monthly statistics reproduced on page 3 (including recent sale prices in your
neighbourhood and trended data on resale activity and average pricing in the
area), you'll be able to make informed decisions that
will positively affect your homeselling/buying experience.

Elsewhere in the
report, you'll find many important reports you can access which will help you
answer specific questions.   And don't forget to visit our website
at for the latest real
estate information, new listings, sales and market trends.

You can call our
office anytime at 250.492.1011 for a FREE Quick Over-The-Phone Home
  As it's name implies, this is a no cost, no
obligation way of learning what your home could sell for in today's market.

We are sure you will
find this information useful, and hope to be of further assistance to you as
you get closer to the move.

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